A 6 Month 1:1 Online Coaching Intensive to Write, Self-Publish and Market Your First Book with Accountability, Clarity and Discipline.

✔ You know you have a story, but wonder if it's worth telling? 
You keep saying you want to write a book, and are now ready to get it done?
✔ You know your story can make an impact but you’re not a confident writer?
✔ You want to make a significant change in people’s lives?
✔ You keep telling yourself that “one-day” you’ll write your book?


If so, this is the program you’re looking for!

I’m about to show you how you can take YOUR STORY and turn it into an impactful, transformational book, for your readers, from scratch!

And I’m not stopping there.. I'll show you how to strategically MARKET your book!


Here’s the thing…

When I decided I was going to tell my story and write a book, I had no idea what the heck I was doing when it came to how to write it, who was going to read it, how people were going to buy it or even how I was going to publish it.

But I did it anyways!

My book, The Key to Happiness, was published in 2017!
I had the most beautiful and special book launch party with family and friends.

I was mailing my book out to places across Canada and the United States, to people I had never met.
I was receiving messages from people that were profoundly impacted through my story. 

I was doing lots of interviews and collaborations.
I (finally) got paid to speak.
I turned my book into an online coaching experience.

And then someone asked me,
“I’ve always wanted to write a book, how did you do it?”

Well that 1 person turned into several people and it got me thinking…

With all the limiting beliefs and excuses we self-sabotage ourselves from achieving our dream of changing people’s lives.

But that ends today!



(GREAT question, I'm glad you asked)


(Bonus: It's an additional source of income!)

...Even if you're a brand new coach, this is the perfect opportunity to add more value to your clients AND be seen as the expert in your field!


I'm over the moon excited to introduce you to...




This in depth questionnaire is designed for me to get to know you and your vision so that your vision can become my vision.


As your coach, I gotta know your story! So, we'll dive in, then begin thinking about the strategy and direction for your book.


The purpose of these bi-weekly calls is to keep you accountable and provide you with the support your need through the program.


Each week you'll be submitting your chapters to me so that I can review and provide feedback. (This is also about keeping you accountable)


This formula is my pride and joy! It's not just about getting your book done, I truly care about the content you write. And, I've eliminated the writer's block moments so that you can stay in constant flow. 


Unlimited email & text support + a Facebook community = Let's start this book and get to work!

Next step? Let’s connect to see if working together to have your first book launched is a perfect fit. Book a free breakthrough call and let’s chat! (there’s no obligation)


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IMAGINE holding your book, written by you, in your hands for the first time.

IMAGINE hitting save on your manuscript for the last time and saying, "it's finished!"

IMAGINE receiving thousands of thank you messages from people
all around the world because you decided to tell your story and publish your book. 

When I bought Ashley’s book, I was not only moved by her story, but also that she had a dream of becoming an author and she did it. Her following her dream gave me permission to follow mine. I also dreamed of writing my book. through my writing process, she helped me lay out the foundation for what to do next. She truly cares about her people. She always checked in on me, which held me accountable and she offered me guidance. She’s one of a kind. She gives with no agenda. She has your best interest at heart because she really wants to serve and she does a phenomenal job.

Tina Addorisio, Author of Beautiful Becoming: A Transformation Journey

Let's bring your book to life and change this photo to a picture with YOU and your book!
Take the next step...


Deep Dive Brainstorm - Get crystal clear on your why behind this book, who it's for, what are their challenges and how your book will be the solution. It's not just about writing another book you "hope" people will buy, it's writing one people ASK you for.

90-Day Manuscript Checklist - The roadmap that we ALL need to eliminate the overwhelm! But more important get your mindset in the right place, your message clear and your book completed. Follow this checklist, and you'll have your book finished!

➔ 5-Step Writing Formula - This is the recipe that will bring your manuscript to life and keep your readers hooked into every word. With this formula, there is no room for writer's block to creep in!

 ➔ Self-Publish Checklist - The roadmap that will make sure you capture all the necessary steps for your book to be ready for your readers (and to be sold!)

➔ Marketing and Launch Checklist - Let's promote your book - and I don't mean in the "buy my book" way. This checklist is your PR (public relations) person in your pocket helping you spread awareness about you, your knowledge and your book!

➔ Compelling Content Creation - Social media is about growing relationships and creating compelling content is what you'll use to do that. You'll learn how to create posts, photos and video content that your audience will love!


✔ Passionate about telling their story to create a change in the world
✔ Authentic and vulnerable in speaking their truth 
✔ Tired of having no social media or marketing strategy to enroll clients
✔ Ready to take their book of their “one-day” list and into a reality
 Ready to take their coaching business to the next level, expand their reach and opportunities

I cannot say enough good things about Ashley-Ann! She is such a light in this world creating such an impact. I have known Ashley-Ann since 2015 and she has been a catalyst for my personal growth. She has given me the courage to embrace my story. If it wasn’t for Ashley-Ann I wouldn’t be where I am today. She has inspired me to become a life coach, award winning speaker and author. She has given me such valuable tips in the book writing process that has pushed me to release my book in early 2020!

Cassandra Angelicchio, Author of  "Now What? Transforming Uncertainty to Living the Life of Your Dreams" (coming soon)

Ashley is a visionary. Her empathy and ability to make you feel heard and seen is truly special. She sees the uniqueness - the flame - in each person and can make that fire burn even brighter.

Arielle Shnaidman, Mindset and Business Coach

Take this as a sign...
You have a message, a purpose, a solution that the world needs to hear and I'm ready to help you deliver!


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Unleash the Author Within (UAW) is for coaches all over the world that are building their brand and business. Their mission is to create an impact and to be seen and heard for their message, wisdom and expertise. 

Whether you have an established coaching business or are a brand new coach, writing a book will help you and your brand STAND OUT!

By the end of UAW, you’ll have your book published and a strategy to expand and create connections with your community and clients.

Don’t worry, I got you! The Deep Dive Brainstorm is our first step in me learning your story, your special gifts and showing you that you have a story and wisdom that the world is waiting to receive from you! From there, we’ll take the necessary steps to decide who your audience will be, how you’ll serve them and create a book that makes a true impact!

This program will walk you through the steps to do things right the first time for your book and business/career!

To have your book ready for your readers, we recommend that you have your manuscript edited, a book cover that stands out and a personalized website. 

Ultimately, your budget to publishing your book is completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with, but I do have a list of trusted editors and graphic designers in my network I can refer you to.

As someone who was terrible at writing, I had this limiting belief that my writing wasn’t good. So I practiced, when it came to my speeches. I pulled inspiration from watching other speakers and storytellers. 

With the 5 Step Writing Formula, I’ve made the writing process 100x easier for you and it creates a flow in each chapter for you. PLUS, I’ll be reviewing your chapters weekly so that I can give you my feedback!

You bet! Each week you’ll submit your chapters to me and I’ll provide you my honest feedback! And at the very beginning we’ll establish your expectations from me, and what you need from in order for this program to be successful for you!

I invite you to contact me directly with any questions you have, [email protected]


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