The Path Made Clear For You To Heal and Release The Stories That No Longer Serve You

This experience is designed to guide you through forgiveness, heal from your past, and release any parts of your story that no longer serve you so that you can find your voice, know your worth and own your story.


"The Key To Happiness Online Experience happens to be one of the best programs I’ve encountered. In a number of short, easy to read and yet deeply profound chapters, Ashley-Ann gives the secrets to finding your sense of balance in a chaotic world. When I decided to take on this work, I decided to go all-in. For me, it was about changing the way I thought and moved in the world. I was ready when Ashley-Ann showed up and I am so grateful that she did. In a short time, I began to bring balance to my life, take ownership not only of my story but of how I tell it, and develop a true sense of gratitude for every event in my life. Ashley-Ann helped me realize that even the darker periods of my life were more beautiful for what they revealed about me. For anyone who is ready to change the manner in which they view and create their life, this program is a must!"


"The Key to Happiness Online Experience pushed me to dig deeper within myself and to love myself for my own worth. This program also pushed me to get through my own anxieties and insecurities, it made my relationships better and it made me better as an individual!"


Your Story Can Change People's Lives

Together we can trace back the steps that have perhaps gotten you off track towards becoming the woman that you've always imagined yourself to be.



What Will It Take...

The focus of this program is designed for you to stand in your power, be fearless in telling your story and see the beauty in your adversities.


For You to Find The Happiness In It?

Sometimes we just need someone who has done it, to guide us to shift our mindset and perspective and show us the beauty in Owning Our Stories.


What's Inside The Program?

When it comes down to "owning your story" you have to be aware of how you have contributed to your story. 

'Own Your Story'... Remember it's yours and you have to own that. In this module we will really dive into letting go of the parts of your story that no longer serve you.

When we release the parts of us that don't serve us, we create space for gratitude. Operating from a state of gratitude, will change your life and the way you tell your story forever!

You have come a LONG way, and we're going to celebrate you! Not only are we going to celebrate you we are going to instil this new habit into your routine.

This whole program will take you through a process of learning more about who you are, what you offer this world, and how your story can actually change people's lives. When you can fall in love with who you are, your relationship with yourself will change permanently. 

All of your pain, trauma and experiences can be turned into a way to helps others. Now that you've fully embraced and owned your story, are you ready to share it?


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