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"Ashley's emotional intelligence is off the charts! Her book, The Key to Happiness, is an essential read for anyone searching for the meaning of life, grieving a loved one or needing self-therapy from multiple traumas. You'll laugh and cry yet marvel as you read Ashley's soul-searching journey to being at one with herself."

Kim MacLaurin

"The raw authenticity that Ashley-Ann shares in The Key to Happiness is beyond impressive. She truly opens her heart and shares the importance of allowing us to become vulnerable, to face our fears and to be who we were meant to be! This book is powerful for not only young woman but men & women of all ages to read...and then read again, and again. Do the exercises and learn to truly get out of your own way."

Tammy Stanley

Table of Contents

Immediately, Ashley-Ann dive's into the very beginning of her life with her parent's separation. She shares the impact her father leaving had on her later on in life and how they mended their broken relationship. You'll also learn how Ashley-Ann has had to forgive herself in life.

Self-awareness has played a very important role in Ashley-Ann's journey and she will share how she remains in tuned with her body, thoughts and emotions.

This is Ashley-Ann's favourite chapter because she knows many will relate to feeling unloved, unworthy and not confident. Ashley-Ann will take you on a journey to overcoming all three. 

A big part of life is death and early on in life Ashley-Ann has had to face losing loved ones. This has shaped her perspective on life as being the most precious gift and how we cannot waste a moment taking it for granted. Ashley-Ann will share how you can shift into operating from gratitude.

When was the last time you celebrated you? Ashley-Ann believes it's important to celebrate all the moments along the journey and it's time to celebrate yourself!

Ashley-Ann's hope by the end of reading this short book is that you'll see the beauty that lies within your own story and be inspired to share it with others!


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