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Uncategorized Sep 09, 2019

This week I began listening to my first ever audiobook! 

As someone who’s visual, it’s easy for me to simply not process information unless I’m actually reading the words. What I’m realizing is that the moment I focus my attention on the audiobook I’m able to really take in all the details. 

I’ve decided to start off with a book by Mel Robbins, “How to Take Control of Your Life”, hence the title of today’s blog post. 

I’ll be honest, this past week has felt like a big win for me. And it’s simply for small things like still running my workshop even though I was set on having a more filled up room and stopping myself from getting distracted by the ideas that have taken me off track and brought me back to my center, my purpose.

I’m not too far into the audiobook, but the theme so far has been fear and not allowing fear to paralyze us from moving forward.

What I’ve realized that the first most important step in creating a change in our lives is through AWARENESS.

Awareness of your triggers.

Awareness of your habits.

Awareness of what your body is telling you.

It all starts with awareness. 

The best way we do that is by slowing down and getting quiet. Taking ourselves away from the noise. And that really is an opportunity for us to be super honest with ourselves. I’ll say that firsthand, it’s not easy. 

It’s not easy to be that honest with ourselves because a part of us may be disappointed, or guilty, or feel like we failed. But if we continue on the rat race and never take a moment to slow down, we’ll wake up 10 years late wondering how we got here, and how everything is still the same.

I’ll spill a little secret.

I had to do this very recently. I had to look myself in the mirror and evaluate why I wasn't getting the results I've been wanting. I realized I lacked in the follow-through when I didn't see instant results, I'd give up and move on to the next idea. When the name of the game, when it comes to building a long-lasting business and legacy, is consistency. And I just wasn't doing that. 

So I've dropped the small little ideas that take me away from my end goal, and simply by doing that, I've had wins this past week.

We already have the answers to our problems.

The answers we're looking everywhere for.

If you just take one day, just one, to slow down and go inwards, you’ll find the answers you’re searching for. The answers you think you’ll find by keeping yourself busy.

When all that really means is that you’re distracted and moving further away from finding that answer you’re hoping that will change your life.

The only way we can take control of our lives is to start with AWARENESS.

So, if you’re feeling stuck right now, just like I was nearly 2 weeks ago, just before I decided to cut out all the distractions, then I challenge you to slow down for a day or do something for at least an hour that will give you space to be quiet.

Go for a walk.

Take a bath.


 You’ll be surprised how more at peace you’ll feel, calmer and perhaps you’ll finally be able to hear the answers you’ve been searching everywhere for.


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