How To Own The Day

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

Let’s talk about achieving your goals and dreams, shall we?

As I study the way I’ve gone about achieving my big goals, I realize that the biggest, most important component is acknowledging that our mind, body and soul or heart must work as one.

The easiest to forget is our mind.

The most powerful tool and resources we have, and we use it blindly. The single most important thing you need to do in order to achieve your greatest dreams and desires, work on your mind.  You won’t be able to achieve all you set out with a mindset of who you used to be 5 years ago. If you want to receive differently you have to give out different.

As I go through my 90-day journey, the single most important battle I face every single morning when my alarm goes off is not my body being sore, it’s the thoughts I have going through my mind.

Starting my day with an I CAN, and I WILL, instead of an I CAN’T, or ANY sort of excuses will determine the success of my day. If you just train your mind to create that switch, you’ve already won the day.

I want you to take a moment to think about everything you are committed to achieving (remember from last weeks blog, we replace want with commit). The thoughts you have throughout the day, are they aligned with what you want to achieve?

Because if they aren’t, it’s time to create the shift. It’s the only thing standing in your way to truly receive the things you have yet to achieve. This is how you reprogram your mind to begin acting a different way and thinking different thoughts. It’s a conscious process and choice that only you can choose for yourself.

And if you choose, all the dreams you envision are that much closer to be your reality.

Start the day by NOT hitting the snooze button.

Start the day doing what you said you would do.

Start the day by telling yourself you are going to OWN the day.

The moment you take back control of your thoughts is when you completely OWN YOUR LIFE.

So, how will you own it today?


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