I'm sorry, I'm done.

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2019

I’m done with not giving my 110%

I’m done with self-doubt.

I’m done with procrastinating.

I’m done with fearing the what ifs.

I’m done with holding back.

I’m done with the disappointment.

I’m done.

Most of us think we have no idea what is holding us back but, let’s be honest, you do.

And I’ve known. I procrastinate because of my fear and self-doubt.

I procrastinate on going to the gym because I want results right away.

I know exactly what is holding me back from achieving the goals I’ve been setting my eyes on but not fully COMMITTED to.

3 days ago, that changed.

You’re probably thinking, “What happened 3 days ago, Ashley?”

Nothing. Except for a decision.

I decided I was done with all of that.

And to prove to myself that I can be committed, I decided to do a 90 challenge.

Every single day, I wake up and go to the gym first thing.

I’ve chosen to cut alcohol and sugar.

So yes, it’s only been 3 days. But in my mind, I already see myself at the 90-day mark.

Just like when I committed and decided I was going to write a book; I finished my manuscript in 90 days.
I’ve already been tested. With alcohol, with staying in bed and skipping my work out because my entire body is sore. As I write this, my shoulders are on fire!

The reason I share this is that all it takes is a decision.

And if you need to announce it and round the troops to let them know what you are saying yes to, then do it.

Quit the excuses. You know very well the next step you need to make in order to get to the next level of who you are meant to become.


A 90-day fitness challenge is MUCH more than how I will look afterward. It’s about changing my mindset in the process and being in control and shutting up the voices that tell me I can’t. It’s me NOT quitting on myself and more important not quitting on my business goals. Because if I’m being honest, there have been moments that I thought I wasn’t cut out for building my own business.

This is me proving to myself, that I can.

What’s your next step?

What’s your 90-day committed going to be?

I’m here to keep you accountable!


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