Honour Thyself

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2019

This week I was trigged...


Not once, but twice.

Over the last few months, I developed a cyst on my face and finally got it removed last week on Saturday. Of course, with anything like that naturally, there is bruising.

Well looking at myself in the mirror, I had a flashback to when I looked myself in the mirror after my car accident. I felt embarrassed, and my heart sunk. I felt myself retreat inwards.

Hello, trigger number one this week.

Whenever I find myself getting triggered I immediately go to self-awareness and understanding.

What I’ve taken away from this is that our body remembers traumas. And the reminder that this experience gave me was being patient, and be gentle with myself.

This past Friday, I was woken up to a phone call from my mom.. my grandfather had passed.

I spent the next couple of hours just crying. Allowing myself to release all the sadness, pain and worry. This is nothing new to my grieving process.

I caught myself simply closing my eyes and seeing his voice or hearing his voice and immediately my eyes filled with tears.

If I’m being honest my heart still feels very heavy, and I’m operating with a brave face. But I decided, having a moment alone, to make a video to simply remind people that life is precious.

Life is precious and we must make the most of every minute of every day. We must choose to show up in love for ourselves and others and being present. And most important, honor thyself.

Honor yourself and what your mind, body, and soul need on an everyday basis.

Honor thyself.

And as always, remember, that simply by showing up just as you are, sharing your experiences can make a difference in someone’s life. Even if it leaves your message in their head for a day or a week. It makes a difference.


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