What's holding you back?

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

I have to be honest...

My energy has been off lately. And I could feel the productivity drifting away and losing my motivation to get things done. What’s happening?


Enough sitting around, I’ll turn to my Oracle cards for guidance.

This deck is my absolute favourite. And I get the most out of doing the 11 card spreads.

So, I simply asked, “What is holding me back?”

As the cards began to reveal themselves, I immediately felt gratitude for the guides that came forth to give me guidance.

I’ll spare all the smaller details and jump the specific cards that gave me the confirmation and push I needed. 

Card 7 represents “the next step” and I happened to pull Answer The Call. And it mentions in the card explanation that deep down, I already know what my soul is calling me to do. And it is absolutely right. After publishing my book, see all the endless possibilities that could come from one small book and speaking to so many women who have a book they have wanted to publish, I felt that this was my ultimate calling. To help the female coaches, healers, spiritual leaders, and entrepreneurs get their story, their teachings and wisdom out to the world so they can impact their tribe.

I’ve held onto the birth of 5-Week Healing Program, The Key to Happiness, feeling like this is what I needed to focus on, but I knew my soul was pulling me elsewhere.

Which leads me to Card 9 in the spread, which represents “what you need to know”. You wouldn’t believe the card that revealed itself… LEAP. I don’t need to go any further to know what my soul and guides were telling me, actually probably shouting at me.

These cards revealed what I already knew in my gut. This is the next step, the path I am destined for. I just need to decide to say YES and go for it and trust I will be taken care of along the way.

Most often, we know in our intuition, our gut, what is holding us back. I know for me; I didn’t want to let go of something. I wanted to try and do both, to ultimately help more people. Wow.

I just had a breakthrough. I’ve been wanting to help so many people that in the end, I’m not helping anyone.


I invite you to listen to what your soul is calling you to do and ask yourself, “what is holding me back from saying YES?”

Know that you and I are being guided and we won’t fail.

Just say YES.


With Love, 



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