Destination Syndrome

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2019

Consistency is key.

Be consistent.

I keep hearing it and say YES. I even say it, but am I actually living it?

The truth is no.

I’ve been struggling with “destination syndrome”.

I don’t know if that even is a thing but I’m making it a thing. And what I mean by it is that I’m simply been so impatient about getting to the end destination instead of actually fully embracing the journey and experiencing the growth I needed to get there. Instead of being consistent.

And for that, I take full ownership and responsibility.

I haven’t been putting all my time and effort into everything. Except I feel like an energizer bunny getting excited about the next big idea I get and want to act upon instead of staying, showing up fully and failing.

To be completely honest, I have had this personal goal and desire to be set living my life, in my career, by the time I was 30-35. And as I approach my 26th birthday in a couple of weeks and making the steps towards big commitments, I’ve been feeling the pressure of feeling like I’m not even close to being there. To be at my end destination, living my dream career.

Part of me is still a little impatient to get to the destination.

Part of me knows that I still have time.

And another part of me remembers how life can be taken at any moment.

But I feel like I’ve found my missing puzzle piece to be on track to getting to my destination.

We all have our own blocks and limiting beliefs that stop us from achieving our dreams. And the ultimate key in finally being able to achieve them is being aware of those blocks and beliefs so that you can shift and release them.

In every single thing, we do consistency matters.

In getting your dream career, in school, in your health, in growing your business, in your healing and growth. It is being consistent along with being in the right mindset that will set you up for success.

My question to you is simple, where can you be more consistent in your life?


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