I'm the person who will show you how to write your story, tell your story and impact lives with it!

I’ve spent almost half my life searching for my voice. When I stepped onto my first stage, to share a piece of my story, I knew I finally found it. I decided to dive deeper and publish my first book, “The Key to Happiness: A Journey to Owning My Story”.

With my book and story being featured on the Power of Positivity (with over 500,000 views) - I have been able to reach more people than I ever imagined.

From interviews to speaking opportunities to building a coaching business to having  - the possibilities are endless.

Your story can change someone's life and I’m here to show you the way!




Grab your copy of my 12-step workbook. Let me show you how to write you book from idea, to complete manuscript, in 90 days!



This book will shift your thinking and will show you how to see the beauty in your adversities. You'll finish feeling empowered to begin telling your story!


"When I bought Ashley’s book, I was not only moved by her story, but also that she had a dream of becoming an author and she did it. Her following her dream gave me permission to follow mine. I also dreamed of writing my book. through my writing process, her eBook helped me lay out the foundation for what to do next. She truly cares about her people. She always checked in on me, which held me accountable and she offered me guidance. She’s one of a kind. She gives with no agenda. She has your best interest at heart because she really wants to serve and she does a phenomenal job."

Tina Addorisio
Author of Beautiful Becoming

"I cannot say enough good things about Ashley-Ann! She is such a light in this world creating such an impact. I have known Ashley-Ann since 2015 and she has been a catalyst for my personal growth. She has given me the courage to embrace my story. If it wasn’t for Ashley-Ann I wouldn’t be where I am today. She has inspired me to become a life coach, award winning speaker and author. She has given me such valuable tips in the book writing process that has pushed me to release my book in early 2020!"

Cassandra Rosa
Transformation Coach

"Ashley-Ann is a force to be reckoned with! She is powerful, inspirational, and REAL. Not only is she incredibly aware, but she has masterfully and meaningfully taken her own life events and learnings to teach others what it really takes to live a life of happiness. She will help you find the mindset you need in order to achieve all you want to achieve. And she will be your cheerleader every step of the way. Ashley truly She is the real deal, and I am so lucky to have her in my life and in my corner!"

Carol Schulte
Founder of The Brave Institute

"Ashley is a visionary. Her empathy and ability to make you feel heard and seen is truly special. She sees the uniqueness - the flame - in each person and can make that fire burn even brighter."

Arielle Schnaidman
Branding Coach

"I’ve learned so much from Ashley-Ann. Her masterminds are incredibly thought-provoking and extremely helpful to anyone looking to level up their lives or business. She takes concepts and turns them into tangible action steps to help drive your ideas forward. Ashley-Ann is incredibly supportive and helped me make a big shift in my life that helped me create my podcast and live my life on purpose."

Simona Constantini
Podcast Host of Happiness Happens

"Ashley has taught me what it means to be ambitious, unwavering passion and an unyielding strength in the pursuit of my dreams. Being in her presence has propelled me to look inwardly at my life, my deepest desires and gifts, therefore fostering the desire to reach for my true passions and live my life at my best and in true happiness."


"I've been pondering an elevator pitch for ages and BAM, one workshop with Ashley-Ann, and I got the clarity I was looking for! Her guidance and coaching is thorough and she dots all her I's and crosses all her T's."

Nadia Hussain
Empowerment Facilitator

"Ashley-Ann is a force of nature, lives change and dreams come true with her."

Pamela Chimenti

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